Moppy Camp

'Moppy' (from Moth and Oppy) Camps take place on two weekends each year. These are intensive training courses where children can work towards the Salterns Pennants. On each of the Moppy Camp weekends, Salterns becomes an RYA Training Centre.

Each pennant is run by volunteers and so parental help is needed at some point during the weekend. Priority is given to the children of parents who actively help. Usuallly up to 90 children participate in each Moppy Camp.

Moppy Camps are always great fun and provide a formal basis upon which children can build for the rest of the season and beyond. They are always over subscribed and priority is given to older children. Sometimes children may be asked to repeat a pennant particularly if they have done very little sailing between Moppy Camps. The sailing pennant system may change from time to time and will be displayed in the clubhouse.

Members will be advised by email when it is time to sign up for Moppy Camp. Moppy Camps are usually oversubscribed so do get your application in on time! Priority is given to renewing members. If there is space, new members will be offered a place in age order.

Moppy camp begins at 8.30 each day and each child attending needs their own sailing clothing and buoyancy aid. They bring their own packed lunch and a cake, biscuits or traybake to share at the breaks. Each child is put in a group of children that they will stay with for the whole weekend. On the Saturday evening is a BBQ and the whole family is invited.

Prizegiving takes place on Sunday afternoon, once clear up is completed. Each child, whether they pass or not, receives a certificate, a report on how to progress and a T-shirt. Parents who help all day both days are given a two course hot meal at lunchtime to keep them going. To pass the pennant, children must attend the whole weekend.


Salterns Pennants

Pennants are expected to be taken in the following order, from beginner, becoming more proficient:

Salterns Yellow Pennant is the equivalent of RYA Youth Stage 1 and gives a basic understanding of how a boat sailing, with some experience of steering and handling the boat.

Salterns Orange Pennant is the next level up learning to gybe and progressing an understanding of the points of sail, parts of the boat and more.

Salterns Red Pennant is equivalent of RYA Youth Stage 2 and is about sailing well around a triangle and learning a range of sailing skills and knowledge to help in becoming a confident sailor.

Yellow, Orange and Red Pennants are taken in club training optimists.

Salterns Blue Pennant is for those keen to race and should have done Bronze Fleet or Tera Fleet for at least one season.   Each year one  Moppy Camp  Blue Pennant is held using Tera and one using GRP Optimist.

Salterns White Pennant undertaken in British Moths. White Pennant is the equivalent of RYA Youth Stage 3. The Jump to White is quite marked and often not undertaken until a sailor is at least 11 or 12 years old.  

The pinnacle at Salterns is Salterns Green Pennant which is undertaken in British Moths.  Green Pennant is the equivalent of RYA Youth Stage 4.

Children do not always pass a pennant first time and because of the pressure on spaces, some children may be asked to repeat a pennant the following year. Sailing is best learned when children are having fun and they have most fun with their peer group so as much as possible we try to keep similar ages together.

The Pennant Syllabi are displayed in the clubhouse and also are available for above - perfect for printing and that little bit of pre-camp training!