Salterns 'Round the Islands' 

Each year, parents and juniors can enter the Salterns 'Round the Islands' Time Trials Competition. 

The aim is to see how fast you can row or sail around the two main islands. The start line is between the jetty and the island. You can race in either direction. The timing must be recorded by an OOD or MC member at any time during the year until the club closes at the end of the season and the judges decisions are final. A file to record results is in the desk drawer in the clubhouse.


  • Children must be aged at least 4 and under 16 years of age
  • Time Keeper should ideally be a member of the Management Committee or suitable other adult and not related to the sailor or rower
  • Use time sheets to record times. Best times please write up on a laminated card in blue folder and put up on the Leaders’ Board
  • 1 child in starfish or large rowing boat - if young then parent expected to follow in waders - no touching or pushing!
  • Parents responsible at all times for safety of their child so if need to be in waders or walk around the lake, they should be encouraged to do so
  • Encouragement and instruction can be given from the side (verbally or with hand signals, no shouting). No pushing or pulling from anyone outside the boat
  • Normal rules of sailing apply: including avoid collision, starboard has priority, warn other sailors. No pumping, rowing or paddling in sailing boats
  • Time taken from line between jetty flag pole and largest island, go either way around the other islands and back to flag pole
  • Judges’ decisions are final.

'Round the Islands' Categories

Sailing Club Optimist - 1 sailor (aged 6-16)
Sailing GRP Optimist - 1 sailor (aged 6-16)
Sailing RS Tera- 1 sailor (Red Pennant or above, aged 6-16)
Sailing Moth - 1 or 2 sailors (Blue Pennant or above, aged 6-16)
Sailing Lymington Scow - 2 sailors

Rowing Junior alone - 1 sailor (aged 4-16)
Rowing 2 Juniors - 2 sailors (aged 4-16)
Rowing Junior in Starfish - 1 sailor (aged 4-16)
Rowing Adult & Junior - Junior (aged 4-16)
Rowing Adult alone