RS Tera Training

RS Tera Training at Salterns is an integral part of the Lymington Tera Flotilla. To participate in Tera Training sessions at Salterns the sailor should have completed Red Pennant (RYA level 2), or be able to exhibit the skills required to handle a Tera in varying conditions.

The training sessions are aimed at developing the sailors' skills both for general sailing as well as an introduction to racing. At the core is having fun and building confidence. The sailor may want to develop and move out on to the river, or just be a better sailor within the confines of Salterns.

Sailors may use the club Teras, or bring their own Tera to the club to use. Please note the club does not have storage space for private Teras.

The Tera Training sessions will be mainly led by older sailors who have qualified as Dinghy Instructors and know the boat inside out. Some sessions may also be parent led at varying times, so all get a chance to be involved.

Parents must stay at Salterns during the training sessions and help, either in the water or in the clubhouse. The sailors must have someone at the club with parental responsibility or they won’t be able to sail.

There is an email group for Tera Training which shares the latest information and timings. If you would like to take part in the sessions please email [email protected] to join the group – please include the sailors name, age and experience.

Tera Training sessions usually require a parent to be Officer of the Day (OOD). Find here the OOD Training Briefing.

Upcoming dates

Tera Training has been organised for the following dates and times:

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During the season there may be a Tera Racing series.

There may also be the opportunity for some Tera sailors to participate in Over the Wall. Sailors taking part in the Tera Training sessions will be given priority, as the number of boats is limited.