Club Rules

It is every Member’s responsibility to know the club rules and abide by them. Members and guests must also comply with the Club's code of conduct. Below are the main club rules. These apply to all Members and their guests. Additional rules may apply for Affiliate Members.

Please lock the boats and clubhouse after use, with lights and heaters turned off.

Water Safety Rules

  1. All adults and children on or in the water must wear a suitable Personal Flotation Device.
  2. At all times when boats are on the water, a safety boat should be in attendance and/or adults must be available and prepared to enter the water to assist if required.
  3. Members must be supervised at all times by their parent or guardian who is capable of offering assistance to the Member should they require it, or in the event of an injury or accident.
  4. Observe the instructions of the Officer of the Day.
  5. Choose a boat that is appropriate to the helm’s skill, weight and the conditions.
  6. Check that your boat is rigged correctly before sailing.
  7. Sail safely, avoiding injury or damage to the boat or crew.
  8. Avoid collisions between boats.
  9. Do not land on the islands.
  10. At busy times, please return to the Pontoon every 20 minutes to allow others to use the boats.
  11. Boats must not be tied to the veranda supports.
  12. Boats must be washed down after use, to remove salt water and mud, before stowing in the correct kennel.
  13. Adults may only sail when accompanying or helping children.
  14. No more than 25 boats on the water at any one time.
  15. No sailing after dusk.
  16. No sailing in the winter from early December to mid-March inclusive.
  17. No swimming.

General Rules

  1. Please do not smoke or vape.
  2. No dogs (except registered assistance dogs).
  3. Guests may visit no more than three times in a year.No more than one guest family per member family at any one time.
  4. Guests must sign the Guest book and pay the appropriate fee.
  5. Keep off the roofs of the boat shelters.
  6. Report all damage to the Officer of the Day and/or record it in the damage book using the QR code.
  7. Cars may only be parked in the designated areas - parking is for Full Members only or Affiliate Group Members at the time of their allotted sailing sessions.
  8. Do not obstruct other cars, the approach to the Club, or access to the Salterns Cottage. Members’ boats sailed or stored at the Salterns must be adequately maintained and must hold adequate third party insurance.
  9. All parts of Members’ boats and trailers/trollies kept and/or sailed at the Club must be marked with the boat's name and/or number.

Wildlife and Environment Rules

  1. This is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Respect the wildlife; do not collect, capture or cut plants or animals, and do not remove soil or clay from the site.
  2. When crabbing, do not use hooks and return the crabs to the water as soon as possible.
  3. Do not disturb game and wildfowl and preserve their eggs and nests.
  4. No power or motor driven boat must be used on the Salterns.
  5. Please do not disturb or annoy the neighbours.
  6. Avoid depositing waste in the pond, and reduce reliance on plastic.

Constitution and Lease

Eight Acre Pond is now owned by Hampshire County Council and Salterns Sailing Club leases it exclusively from the Council.  Within the Lease and Club Constitution are a number of rules and requirements to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all members, to respect the neighbours and the SSSI on which the Club resides.

The Salterns Sailing Club constitution was approved at the 2018 AGM and was updated in December 2022. It can be found here: Salterns Sailing Club Constitution

The Organisation and Management Manual for the club can be found here.

The latest briefing pack for Club Events run by an Officer of the Day (OOD)  2023