Past AGM Minutes

The Annual General Meetings for Elections and Prize Giving happen each December. They provide a fantastic record of club activities for the year.

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Salterns AGM 2023


Junior Committee Elections 2024

(alphabetical order)

Junior Flag Officers

Abby Wright - Standing for election for Commodore

Holly Pritchard - Standing for election for Commodore

Lucy Hiley-Jones  - Vice Commodore

Oscar Robinson - Vice Commodore

Ellen Carnegie - Rear Commodore

Greta Lawrence - Rear Commodore

Seeking Re-election onto the Junior Committee 

Cian Wright

Clodagh Grealish

Freya Fisher

Isabel Shiel

Lily Chisnell

New to the Junior Committee

Archie Russell - to be co-opt once a member

Kitt Lawrence

Poppy Harding - requires MC approval

Rebecca Wharmby