RS Tera sailing at Salterns

The RS Tera is a single-handed dinghy and a popular boat for children to race. The boat is highly robust, it is built with a self draining cockpit and is easy to right after a capsize. In addition  it has a floating daggerboard. The boat is small and light, making it manageable on the water for children.

The Tera is available in 2 specifications: RS Tera Sport and RS Tera Pro. The Tera Sport is designed with beginners and training centres in mind, while the Tera Pro is more suitable to older and more experienced sailors. The weight range is between 30 kg and 70 kg and it can carry up to two children comfortably.

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RS Tera racing at Salterns

There are 12 RS Tera dinghies at Salterns Sailing Club, which members can use once they have achieved their Salterns Red Pennant (RYA youth stage 2).

Tera Training is normally organised during the Salterns season, along with the Tera Racing Series.


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