The Salterns Virtual Regatta 2020

Salterns Sailing Club has entered the RYA eSailing Spring Club Championships and, to participate, we will need to identify a club champion to represent us.

To do this, the club is going to host a Virtual Sailing Regatta, using an app/website called “Virtual Regatta – Inshore”, or “VR – Inshore”.

Any (child) club member can enter but our recommended age group is 10 and over.

The Salterns VR Championship

The plan is to run heats of 19 sailors, with the top sailors in each heat being entered into a Salterns ‘Gold Fleet Final’. The winner from this will be invited to represent Salterns Sailing Club at the Regional Final. The top competitor from each RYA Region will go forward to a National Final.

We expect to run the Regatta at the following times:

Heats: early evenings, w/c 27 April
Gold Fleet final: morning, Saturday 2 May

The regatta will be run using the Virtual Regatta app and/or the website and we expect to host a ‘zoom’ based chat whilst the racing takes place to help race management.

(The zoom connection will primarily be for audio, so you do not need to use your camera if you do not wish to, but you will be expected to be polite whilst on the group chat. We will arrange to have a number of adult club officers on line at the same time to oversee some of the race management, but they have promised to keep out of the way and it should be great fun!)

Take part in the VR Championship

To get involved in this awesome challenge:

  1. Register your login details with Virtual Regatta. Go to the App Store/Play Store and search Virtual Regatta – Inshore, or you can use a web based version of the sailing game. You will need the details you register with for the next stage. Note that you should not need to pay anything, and you don’t need a VIP pass – the club already has a VIP pass and that is sufficient to run custom races for our club members. 
  2. Enter the Salterns Virtual Spring Regatta: please complete your details on the following Sign Up Sheet – all entries should be submitted by 1700 on Saturday 25 April 2020:
    Please note that in filling in your details in this sheet you are consenting to the Club using this data to help run the regatta, and to us passing the details to the RYA too. 
  3. Start practising! We will be using ‘Day Boat Racers’ in the club heats and finals.

We will circulate more details one we know how many are taking part, but if you have any questions in the meantime, first check the RYA webpage: or contact the Junior Committee on [email protected] for assistance.