Socially Distanced Sailing at Salterns

Temporary amendments to the Club’s Byelaws and to the
Organisation and Management Document 2021 to reflect social distancing


Certain changes are required to the club’s rules and to the way it is managed and organised so that appropriate social distancing can be maintained whilst members use the club’s facilities.

This document sets out those changes, and the club’s Byelaws and Organisation  and Management document are amended to the extent necessary to give effect to  the following revised arrangements for the period over which social distancing is  required to be maintained. These (hopefully) temporary arrangements will be  relaxed or strengthened, as appropriate, to keep pace with the changes announced by the Government, and any changes will be posted on the club’s website.

Remember, it is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian of each member  wishing to use the club facilities or boats (or someone appointed* in loco parentis by the parent or guardian) to remain in attendance at all times, supervise the  activities and behaviour of that member on the club premises and, at all times when  boats are on the water, ensure that either a safety boat is in attendance  and/or adults are available and prepared to enter the water to assist if required.  (*For this temporary period, and for the safety of the wider community, we  recommend that parents from the same household as the children, rather than  grandparents etc, are responsible for the children whilst on site.)

Which members can use the club and what sailing can take place?

The following sailing will be permitted:

  • ’Free sailing’ (ie sailing by members outside of organised club events),
  • Ducklings, Brass Fleet, Tera Training, Bronze Fleet,
  • Match racing
  • Moth and Tera racing
  • Affiliate Group Sailing
  • Other organised club sailing and social events

Only Family Members and Associate Members, along with the relevant Temporary Members and/or Trustees necessary for the event, may use the Club’s facilities. The  use of the Club by Guests of Members will be reviewed at a later date.

No  Moppy Camps are planned at this stage but other smaller scale RYA training events  may take place where the appropriate social distancing measure and legal  requirements may be met.

Optimists, Teras, Moths, Scows and the Peanut rowing boats, plus rescue row  boats, will be made available for Family Members to use. Associate Members may  use all but two of the Club’s Poly Oppies and the Scows.

Bronze Fleet participants may use their own Optimists at the club, subject to the  usual rules and insurance requirements.

Fee sailing - who can sail and when?

The club will be open dawn to dusk daily.

To be able to sail, each Family Member will need to register to sail at a given time  slot, and note their phone number, on a googlesheet. (The phone number will allow  you to contact members present at the club at the same time as you should you  show symptoms of the virus shortly after visiting the club.)

Members can sign up in advance for one two hour session a week. Should there be  any time slots remaining for a particular day, then additional sessions may be  booked on the day concerned.

The google sheets will be released weekly on a Sunday evening.

Four groups, each constituted of either Members from no more than two  households, or a maximum of 6 Members where more than two households are  included may register for each two hour slot. Each group should adhere to  government social distancing guidelines whilst on site, and should not socialise  with other groups on site. Each group will be allocated to a slipway. Start times will  be staggered to ease congestion on the shore and around the parking areas. These  arrangements should allow the maintenance of the appropriate social distancing  between each other and between the groups of six/household group. Each group  will have access to a specified toilet, but this is expected to be used only when  necessary - as a toilet, not as a changing room etc - and the toilet, sink and surfaces  (floor, door handles etc) will need to be cleaned by a member of the relevant  household before and immediately after use, and any waste taken home. (Supplies  of soap and cleaning product will be provided in the heads – please let the MC  know if it runs out.) Members should arrive, rig, sail, derig, clean, stow and leave the  site within their two hour slot. In the event of congestion, the default would be  to circumnavigate (on foot) the club house in a clockwise fashion.

Until social distancing requirements are further relaxed, families are encouraged,  where possible, not to bring children on site that are not intending to sail if that  were to constrain the ability of other members to sail or maintain social distancing.  Similarly, members should consider whether two parents are necessary to be on  site to supervise children; reducing the number of parents on site could enable  more children to sail.

What will be the arrangements to allow free sailing at the club?

  1. As always, members should conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to other members, to the club’s neighbours and the local community. Activities should  be conducted in a way that is seen positively by the public, especially during the  period of social distancing. In particular, members should be mindful of the  requirement in law not to socialise outside their households in groups of more than  six, or with no more than one other household.
  2. Members should not attend the club if they have shown symptoms of Covid 19 in  the previous 7 days (or if a member of their family or a recent contact has shown  symptoms in the last 14 days).
  3. Members should wash their hands before leaving home, and again after using the  club.
  4. Members should change at home, where possible.
  5. The main part of the club house will be closed to members. (Where members  need to be in the water to supervise children they will need to provide their own  waders or other suitable clothing.)
  6. Combination padlocks or similar will be fitted to permit access to the boats and  toilet facilities without needing to enter the club house. Members will be advised  separately on the details of this  and of any code required for the padlocks. The  boats should be locked up after use, and any padlocks must be left with the same  combination code.
  7. The sailing shed will not be available during this period – if the club boats require  attention, please contact the bosun. Sails for the Moths will be left in the boats.
  8. Club boats should be washed down after use with fresh water, as usual, and should  be sprayed with the cleaning product supplied before and after use. (More bottles  of this can be found in the buoy box.)
  9. Please avoid touching areas of the club site where not necessary to do so.
  10. Whilst on the water, boats and their crews should maintain appropriate social  distancing (or a seamanlike distance if greater) from other boats and crews. If  members of different households are crewing the same boat for a prolongued  period, enhanced social distancing measures, such as wearing a face covering (e.g. a  buff or similar), should be adopted.
  11. Light refreshments (coffee, cold drinks and biscuits etc) may be brought from home  for consumption whilst on site, but all litter must be taken home at the end  of the two hour session.
  12. Members accept that other households may be part of the same group of six.   Members should maintain appropriate social distancing between each other and  between the groups of six/household groups.

Organised club events (e.g. Ducklings, Brass Fleet, Bronze Fleet and Tera training, Match racing and Moth and Tera racing), and Affiliate Group Sailing

The Club may run organised events from time to time, including  Ducklings, Brass Fleet, Bronze Fleet and Tera training, Match  Racing and Moth and Tera Racing. In addition, Affiliate Groups  may be invited to sail at the club. The following further  amendments/ arrangements will apply where necessary.

  • Members should not attend the club if they have shown  symptoms of Covid 19 in the previous 7 days (or if a member  of their family or a recent contact has shown  symptoms in the last 14 days)
  • The time slots reserved for these events will be advertised weekly via facebook/email and pre allocated to these events before the google sheet is released.
  • Each Member participating in these events will need to  register to sail with the Fleet Captain, event organizer or  Affiliate Group coordinator, providing contact details for  track and tracing purposes. The Fleet Captain, event  organizer or Affiliate Group coordinator will pass a copy of  the registered participants to the OOD (and coach for the  event, where relevant). When signing up to participate in  these events, Members will be asked to acknowledge and  consent in the google sheet to the arrangements in this  document, and those set out in the 2021 Organisation and  Management document (where still relevant), and to the  collection and storage of data relevant to the organization  of the club in accordance with the Club’s data privacy policy.
  • Each event will follow one of two models:
    o Model A, where land based coaching is to apply. Up to 5 Members may sign up for each Training Group. These 5 Members plus the coach will make up one  group of six. The group will be formed once the parents have helped rig and launch their child’s boat. Each such group will replace one ‘free sailing group’.
    o ModelB, where the event is water based. Members may participate in a water based event, where there is no need to form ‘social groups’ on shore for training purposes. Such events should be limited in size so that the number of people on site, including registered sailors, parents, on the water coaches and water helpers, race officers, event organisers and Members in any free sailing groups, is not expected to be above around 30. Sailors and parents will rig and launch whilst maintaining social distancing and without the need to form social groups.
  • RYA guidance allows parents or guardians to be present in a supporting role, such as safeguarding, assisting with  changing or rigging, but must not stay beyond the time they  are carrying out such a role. The club’s procedures are  consistent with this in that at least one parent of each sailor  (or a person appointed in loco parentis, expected to be from  the same household) will need to remain on site, as they  remain responsible for their children. Depending on the  event, parents may be required to participate in the  organized sport activity by helping in the water.
  • However, spectators are not permitted, and any gathering  outside of the organised activity itself, such as briefings or  breaks, will be restricted to the gathering limits of 2  households or 6 people. Thus, parents who are not helping  on the water will socially distance themselves from each  training group, and any other free sailing group, once rigged  and whilst training takes place, for example by locating  themselves (in groups of no more than 6) on the bank  behind the kennels to the east of the clubhouse, or around  the pond. Once in a group of six, the parents in each group  should not socialize with another social group of six.
  • One  appropriately trained adult will act as OOD for each event,  but there is no requirement for this OOD to form part of any  social group. Where two events run concurrently, each  may have a separate OOD, but they will liaise with each  other to agree which will act in matters affecting both fleets/events.
  • No more than four groups (whether free  sailing, or Affilliate Group Sailing, Ducklings, Brass Fleet,  Bronze Fleet, Tera racing, Match Racing or other event),  with parents, may attend the club at once, and events should  be restricted such that there is expected to be no  more than around 30 people on site.
  • As for free sailing, participants will need to arrive, rig, sail,  derig, stow and leave the site within the relevant time slot.
  • Up to two groups will launch and recover at the each  relevant numbered slipway.
  • All those on site should maintain social distancing from  members of other households, except where other risks  (injury, drowning etc) outweigh the risks of not maintaining  the appropriate social distancing. In such circumstances,  and where possible, lower the risk of infection by adopting  side-to-side contact rather than facing someone.
  • The Officer of the Day for the event will be responsible for  the application of these additional rules and for ensuring  that all those attending the event have been registered, and  may request families to leave the site if social distancing is  likely to be compromised.
  • Parents will help their own children rig and launch. They will  also be responsible for ensuring that the toilets are  cleaned if their use is necessary (see arrangements for free  sailing above).
  • If a child is in distress then the first priority of all those on site will be the safety of that child, regardless of any breach  of social distancing that the rescue may entail.
  • All breaches of social distancing shall be recorded by the  OOD and reported to the President, along with the names  of all persons who came into close contact and a brief  summary of the circumstances. There shall be no punitive  action taken in respect of breaches of social distancing so  reported; this is simply to be able to have a record in case of  any COVID-19 infection.
  • Due to the recommended reduced contact between the  coach and sailors and the risks of virus transmission  inherent in any rescue, the conditions under which sessions  will be cancelled for a given group of sailors will be at a  lower wind strength than under normal circumstances.
  • Parents should consider the reduced level of contact  available when assessing whether the conditions are right  for their sailor to go afloat.
  • Any briefings/debriefs on land will be conducted  maintaining appropriate social distancing and with groups  of 6 or fewer (i.e. sailors and coach).
  • There will be a lower level of support available to sailors   than in the past as the OOD or coach will only make close  contact with a sailor / boat if they are in, or likely to end up  in distress. (This means if a sailor capsizes, they will be  expected to right their boat, bail it out and continue sailing.)
  • OODs will be subject to the training set out in the club’s  2021 Organisation and Management document, although  these briefings may take place via phone or video  conference.
  • Coaches or instructors taking part in these events will be  made Temporary Members for the duration of the event and  will complete and submit a temporary membership  consent form (in the format as set out in the 2021  Organisation and Management document) to the Sailing  Officer prior to the commencement of the event. This would  normally be provided electronically but may be  provided via email (ie without a wet ink signature).
  • For these organised club events, one volunteer from one  group may enter the clubhouse to pass out ‘takeaway’  refreshments to other participants.

Other organised club events

The Club may run other club sailing or social events from time  to time, and Club officers and managers may also visit the Club  to manage the Club. The organisation of these events and visits  will have regard, and follow similar principles, to the  arrangements set out above and, other than for socially  distanced ad hoc visits, attendance records and contact details  can be maintained by the relevant event organiser.

Management Committee
Salterns Sailing Club
Last revised 28 March 2021

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