Socially Distanced Sailing at Salterns

Temporary amendments to the Club’s Byelaws and to the
Organisation and Management Document 2020 to reflect social distancing

Certain changes are required to the club’s rules and to the way it is managed and organised so that appropriate social distancing can be maintained whilst members use the club’s facilities.

This document sets out those changes, and the club’s Byelaws and Organisation and Management document are amended to the extent necessary to give effect to the following revised arrangements for the period over which social distancing is required to be maintained. These (hopefully) temporary arrangements will be relaxed or strengthened, as appropriate, to keep pace with the changes announced by the Government, and any changes will be posted on the club’s website.

Which members can use the club and what sailing can take place?

Initially, only ‘free sailing’ (ie sailing by members outside of organised club events) will be permitted, and only Family Members may use the Club’s facilities.  The use of the Club by Associate Members , and Guests of Members, will be reviewed at a later date.

No Bronze Fleet, Tera racing or Moppy Camps are planned. 

Optimists, Teras, Moths and Scows will be made available for Members to use but each boat should be crewed by members living in the same household.

Who can sail and when?

The club will be open dawn to dusk daily.

To be able to sail, each Family Member will need to register to sail at a given time slot, and note their phone number, on a googlesheet. (The phone number will allow you to contact members present at the club at the same time as you should you show symptoms of the virus shortly after visiting the club.)

Members can sign up in advance for one two hour session a week. Should there be any time slots remaining for a particular day, then additional sessions may be booked on the day concerned.

The google sheets will be released weekly on a Sunday evening.

Up to a maximum of 2 families (each family being from the same household) may register for each two hour slot. This is to facilitate the ability for each household to adhere to government social distancing guidelines whilst on site. There should be space for two families to distance themselves from each other on each of the main pontoon and the perpendicular pontoon. Each family may use one slipway each, which should allow the maintenance of the 2 metre separation between families. Each family will have access to one toilet each, but this is expected to be used only when necessary - as a toilet, not as a changing room etc - and the toilet, sink and surfaces (floor, door handles etc) will need to be cleaned by that family before and after use, before leaving the site, and any waste taken home. (Supplies of soap and cleaning product will be provided in the heads – please let the MC know if it runs out.) You should arrive, rig, sail, derig, clean, stow and leave the site within your two hour slot. In the event of congestion, the default would be to circumnavigate (on foot) the club house in a clockwise fashion.

Until social distancing requirements are further relaxed, families are encouraged, where possible, not to bring children on site that are not intending to sail.

What will be the arrangements to allow sailing at the club?

  1. As always, members should conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to other members, to the club’s neighbours and the local community. Activities should be conducted in a way that is seen positively by the public, especially during the period of social distancing.
  2. Members should not attend the club if they have shown symptoms of Covid 19 in the previous 7 days (or if a member of their family or a recent contact has shown symptoms in the last 14 days).
  3. Members should wash their hands before leaving home, and again after using the club.
  4. Members should change at home, where possible.
  5. The main part of the club house will be closed to members. (Where members need to be in the water to supervise children they will need to provide their own waders or other suitable clothing.)
  6. Combination padlocks or similar will be fitted to permit access to the boats and toilet facilities without needing to enter the club house. Members will be advised separately on the details of this and of any code required for the padlocks. The boats should be locked up after use, and any padlocks must be left with the same combination code.
  7. Members must wear sailing gloves where practicable whilst on site.
  8. The sailing shed will not be available during this period – if the club boats require attention, please contact the bosun. Sails for two of the Moths will be left in the boats.
  9. Boats should be washed down after use with fresh water, as usual, and should be sprayed with the cleaning product supplied before and after use (more bottles of this can be found in the buoy box).
  10. Please avoid touching areas of the club site where not necessary to do so.
  11. Whilst on the water, boats and their crews should keep a minimum distance of 2 metres (or a seamanlike distance if greater) away from other boats and crews.
  12. Light refreshments (coffee, cold drinks and biscuits etc) may be brought from home for consumption whilst on site, but all litter must be taken home at the end of the two hour session.

Remember, it is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian of each member wishing to use the club facilities or boats (or someone appointed* in loco parentis by the parent or guardian) to remain in attendance at all times, supervise the activities and behaviour of that member on the club premises and, at all times when boats are on the water, ensure that either a safety boat is in attendance and/or adults are available and prepared to enter the water to assist if required.

(*For this temporary period, and for the safety of the wider community, we recommend that parents from the same household as the children, rather than grandparents etc, are responsible for the children whilst on site.)

Management Committee
Salterns Sailing Club
Last revised 14 May 2020

Download a printable version of this information here.