September Moppy Camp

The postponed April Moppy Camp will be taking place on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September. Please note the club will be closed all weekend for non-moppy campers from Friday afternoon.

1) Moppy Camp Briefing – Monday 9 September

Many thanks to all those helping during the weekend. Our new RYA Principal (and Trustee), Neil Wharmby, will be holding a Moppy Camp briefing for all those helping at Salterns on Monday 8 September at 8pm. We know it is short notice and recognise that many have parental responsibilities, but would encourage all helpers to attend. The briefing is aimed primarily at water based helpers and will be highly beneficial for land based helpers as well.

2) Child Medical & Consent Form(s) by Wednesday 11 September

Click on the link below to read and complete a Child Medical and Consent form for each child participating at Moppy Camp – don’t delay – all forms must be submitted by Wednesday 11 September.

>>> Child Medical & Consent Form <<<

On the Saturday morning at registration you’ll be asked to double check our list and then you’ll have the opportunity to add any details that may have cropped up since completing this form.

3) Adult Helper Forms

An Adult Helper Form must be completed by each Adult helping at Moppy Camp – please complete both pages (page 2 includes 2 references) and bring to registration at Moppy Camp. Click on Download for the form:

4) Book your Saturday Evening Food by Tuesday 10 September

Many of you ordered food for the April Moppy Camp. This time we have organised a different caterer and therefore you will have had the opportunity to update your order with Mick Edwards (contact on [email protected] if you have not yet got back to him). At registration you will be given a slip showing your new order. 

If you have not yet placed an order, or would like to order any additional food for the Saturday evening (parents/children), please do so here by Tuesday 10 September 2019.

>>> Saturday Evening Food<<<

5) Check you have the right kit!

Check your child has NAMED kit for Moppy Camp, check it all still fits!! We recommend: 

  • Long wetsuit or dry suit (required)
  • Buoyancy aid (required)
  • Dinghy boots or similar (not crocs or flip flops)
  • Waterproof trousers (optional but good idea if cold)
  • Windproof or Spray Top (required)
  • Hat (to keep the sun off if hot, or to keep warm if cold)
  • Sun protection cream (parents to apply beforehand) 
  • Remember any medical requirements – e.g. epi pens

6) Answers to ‘frequently asked’ questions

  • Sailors: all long hair must be tied back
  • Any questions? Ask at registration, not in the kitchen!
  • Bacon/egg rolls are for the adult and JC helpers, not the sailors!
  • Remember to name everything – including your sailor’s lunch
  • All families involved in Moppy Camp please bring cakes! All cakes must be NUT FREE
  • Any adult / child with food allergies must make provision for their own food.

Fingers crossed for a fine weekend with a suitable breeze!