September Moppy Camp Checklist

This coming weekend (14-15 September) it’s Moppy Camp at Salterns – the weather looks reasonable so get ready for lots of sailing, training and fun (and cake!). Find here information about the Salterns Pennants. And see below reminders and timings for the weekend.

Please note: due to Moppy Camp there will be no informal sailing or associate sailing at Salterns during the weekend.

Friday evening

Blue Pennant optimists: if not already stored at Salterns, please bring your own / borrowed boat to the club on Friday evening as there will be limited space to manoeuvre on Saturday morning.

Friday evening help: We still need volunteers to help move oppies from RLymYC to Salterns, plus to put up gazebos at Salterns. Can you help? Please meet Neil Jenkins at RLymYC at 5pm Friday.

Before you arrive: Checklist…
– Long wetsuit or a dry suit (required)
– Buoyancy aid (required)
– Dinghy boots or similar (not crocs or flip flops)
– Waterproof trousers (optional but good idea if cold)
– Windproof or Spray Top (required)
– Hat (to keep the sun off if hot, or to keep warm if cold)
– Sun protection cream (parents to apply beforehand) 
– CAKES (no nuts)
– Adult Helper Forms (completed, 2 references)
– Medical items (epi pens, medicine, inhalers – all labelled)

Park in field

Parking: for all Moppy Campers will be in the Mann’s field, signposted and accessed from Viney Road. Remember, there is NO parking at the club except for pennant leaders – with the equipment required for the weekend there’s just no space for members vehicles. We’ve been asked to ensure there is NO parking in Maiden Lane. Many thanks to Simon and Amanda Mann for once again lending us the use of their field for the weekend.

Saturday registration: 0830-0900

Child Medical & Consent Form(s) – You should have completed your child(ren)’s medical form(s) on WebCollect by Wednesday and will need to confirm details at Registration.
REMEMBER: Medical items – epi pens / medicine / inhalers – all labelled.
Adult Helper Form(s) – Remember to complete these – both sides – note that you need to have two references. Find a downloadable Adult Helper form here.
– This is your opportunity to ask questions! Rather than in the kitchen…
Each child sailor should be brought to Salterns dressed ready to sail. Their buoyancy aid will be ‘labelled’ with their name and pennant colour at Registration. LONG HAIR TIED BACK.
Provide a hearty packed lunch for each sailor, with drinks – all labelled. Lunches will be put in the relevant pennant trays at Registration.
Bring cakes to the kitchen crew to share out at snack times – NUT FREE. Please bring cakes on Saturday so that the kitchen crew can work out if there are sufficient to last the weekend!
– Land Helpers: check you know what time you are helping! We are desperately short of helpers and so if you haven’t been allocated a role or if you could do more, please let us know!
Saturday evening food: should have been purchased on WebCollect already – REMEMBER YOUR RECEIPT!

NB: Breakfast is for Adult (and JC) early morning and water helpers only. Sailors should have their breakfast before arriving.

Blue Pennant Parents – DO NOT rig your child’s GRP optimist. This will be one of the first activities, the children will rig their own boats!

Weekend timings

0800: Pennant Leaders Briefing
0830-0900: Registration (children must come changed ready to sail, long hair tied back, lunch ready to leave in Pennant box, EVERYTHING named!) – this is where you can ask questions, not in the kitchen!
0915: Pennant Leaders Briefing to other Pennant Instructors & Helpers
0930: General Briefing (sailors)
1300: Lunch
1630: Capsize drill, parents help their children change and warm up
1700(approx): Evening food served as ordered

0900: Children changed and ready
0915: Briefing
1300: Lunch
1500: Pack up – all parent help required please
1600(approx): Prize giving – this does not happen until clearing up is complete so please help.

If any Land Helpers are able to arrive early on either day to help in the kitchen, please email Mich on [email protected]

Here’s to a great moppy camp!