Duty Rota

Each season the Salterns has a duty rota when each family (both parents and children) are asked to help run the club on two afternoons a year either at an event or an informal sailing session.  The parents help run the galley to provide the tea and cakes, provide safety support on the pond. Duty children help rig the boats and help other children members and guests to enjoy their time at Salterns.

New members do not have to do any duties in their first year. Renewing members should sign up for their two duty dates through WebCollect.

The Duty Rota is usually on the clubhouse on the notice board. Please check for your duty.  If you need to change your duty, please organise to swap with another member - you do not need to involve the Management Committee, but please do make the change on the clubhouse noticeboard.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to do duties?
- This is a volunteer-run club and part of the membership agreement requires all members to help out.

What if I can't do my duty?
- Try and organise in advance if you cannot do your duty - swap with another family and make the change on the noticeboard

We're a single parent family - does that mean just one duty?
- No, each family does two duty dates. Many families have just one parent around and manage to do their duties! We always put several families on duty on each session to ensure nobody is overburdened.

But I help at Moppy Camp!
- Yes, we all do! And to do moppy camp you need to ensure you've signed up for your family duties too!


Duty Family Responsibilities

Arrival Time: 1.30pm

Please bring:

  • Cakes/biscuits of your choice and a pint of milk
  • Your lifejacket/buoyancy aid/waders (if you have your own)

On Arrival:

  • Sign in with Officer of the day (OOD)
  • Unlock the clubhouse and loos
  • Turn on the water heater for hot tap water (behind urn)
  • Fill the urn and switch to high to boil
  • Open double doors on to pontoon
  • Put out hoses and tap keys
  • Get out safety rowing boat 
  • Help juniors to rig and launch the club boats
  • Collect money tin from OOD

During session:

  • Welcome any new members and visitors. Complete the Guest Book for any visiting child (non-members) who wants to sail. Fee is £5 per visitor and each child must sign the Guest Book. Please note temporary visitors can only visit 3 times per year and family members should bring no more than one guest family at a time.
  • Check that members are adhering to the club rules
  • Serve refreshments in the kitchen - adhere to allergy notice
  • Check parents are watching their children
  • Check all children on or near the water are wearing buoyancy aids - and all adults on or in the water
  • No swimming, keep small rowing boats in area over to the left of the clubhouse

After 4pm:

  • Check all boats are washed down and put away (encourage members to help put the boats they have been using away) - use sponges and bailers stored under bench
  • Check all boats are locked up
  • Turn off the immersion heater and urn, unplug urn
  • Wash, dry and put away all crockery and clean kitchen
  • Return money tin to OOD
  • Clean loos and mop loo floors, turn off lights, empty bins
  • Mop the club floors with the floor cleaner, rise out mops in hot water
  • Remove any perishable items from fridge
  • Check changing room for lost property
  • Turn off club lights
  • Put away hoses and tap keys, check keys are back on hooks
  • Lock up Clubhouse, gear stores and toilets
  • Take away any rubbish bags that do not fit in wheely bin

Departure time: 4.30pm or when all the above is completed!