Club Rules

It is every member’s responsibility to know the rules and abide by them. A copy of the Club Rules can be found in the clubhouse on the wall by the french doors.

  1. Children aged 14 or under must be supervised by their parents/guardians at all times. Parents/Guardians may not leave the Children at the Club without someone in "loco parentis".
  2. Everyone (adults in waders too) must wear a buoyancy aid or life jacket whilst in or on the water. Younger siblings under 4 are particularly vulnerable to falling in accidentally so please keep them in a life jacket at all times while at the Club.
  3. Eight Acre Pond is a SSSI. No swimming in the pond. Landing on the islands is not allowed. Be kind to the wildlife, do not pollute the water and help keep the club tidy. No sailing is permitted during the winter (after AGM or before first session in the spring).
  4. Cars must be parked in the designated areas. Do not obstruct the road to Salterns Cottage.
  5. At busy times, please share the boats. Return to the pontoon every 20 minutes to check if anyone else would like a sail.
  6. Guests may visit Salterns up to 3 times in one year. Full Members must sign Guests in to the Guest Book and pay their dues. One Guest family per member family at a time.
  7. Do not climb on the roofs of the boat kennels.
  8. Rubbish is not collected by the council - please take it with you.
  9. No dogs are permitted around the pond side or inside the clubhouse.

The 2015 Management and Organisational Document for the club can be found here: SSC Org and Manage Manual 2015

Key Club Equipment Rules

The club equipment is available for use by each Full Member. Please note:

  1. Adults may not sail without a junior member in any boat. Adults may only sail in scows. Optimists are too small and teras, moths and cadets are purely for the children.
  2. The Moth dinghies should only be used by Full Members who hold a Blue or Green Pennant. Only one or two children per Moth. They must NOT be used by Associate Members.
  3. The Tera dinghies should only be used by Full Members who hold Red Pennant or equivalent. Only one child per Tera. They must NOT be used by Associate Members.
  4. Children must be 6 years or older to helm.
  5. If a privately owned vessel is used, the parent or guardian of boat owner should sign a consent form confirming that the boat has adequate Third party insurance which will be maintained whilst the boat is in use or stored on the Club premises, has a current buoyancy certificate if specific class, has a valid measurement certificate if it is to take part in formal racing.
  6. The adult should check each vessel to make sure that the vessel is safe to use and that there are no parts missing or rigged incorrectly. If a vessel is incomplete or damaged this should be reported to the Bosun.
  7. Boats should be washed down before stowing. All boats equipment should be returned to its correct storage kennel in tidy and clean order.
  8. Do not crash or capsize the boats deliberately.
  9. Report all damage to a committee member or log in the Damage Book.
  10. The clubhouse should be left secure and locked at the end of any free sailing session with lights and heaters turned off - the boats should also be locked away.

Constitution and Lease

Eight Acre Pond is now owned by Hampshire County Council and Salterns Sailing Club leases it exclusively from the Council.  Within the Lease and Club Constitution are a number of rules and requirements to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all members, to respect the neighbours and the SSSI on which the Club resides.

The New Constitution was approved at the 2018 AGM and can be found here: New SSC Constitution FINAL 2 December 2018

The Management and Organisation Manual for the club can be found here: SSC Management & Organisation 2019