Training At SSC

Sailing at Salterns is above all a social and enjoyable activity. The emphasis is always on developing a love of sailing in a supportive and safe environment.

Whilst there are often experienced sailors on-hand to provide friendly advice, many of the sailing activities are informal and do not include any formal training provided by the club.IMG_1957

However, twice a year, Salterns becomes an official RYA training centre when the club runs Moppy Camp. This is a two day event, during which the sailors can take one of five pennants depending on their age and experience.

Those who are becoming a little more competitive can also enjoy Bronze Fleet on Sunday mornings, when they will be introduced to dinghy racing in GRP Optimists.

For younger sailors we also, from time to time, run ‘mini-courses‘. These are half day sessions designed provide an introduction to rowing, rigging and tacking.