Second Hand Sailing Kit Sale from 11 am 19th November

As part of Children In Need, we will be organising a second hand sailing kit sale for any children’s sailing kit from boots, to gloves, to wetsuits and even drysuits.  If you have any kit you wish to sell please complete this form and put it in the bag with your items to sell.  You can either take the kit to Helen Wood’s house (7 South Grove, Lymington SO41 3SW) by 16th November or bring on the morning of 19th November.  Each item must be labelled with your name and description of what it is so that we can make sure the money is returned to you.  Unsold items and money from sold items will be available to collect form 4.30 pm on Saturday 19th November.  80% of the money will be returned to you and 20% will go to Children In Need.

Form to complete is here: ssc-sale-form-2016