Salterns BIG Clean Up Day: 30th March

Every year, the Salterns year is kicked off by the BIG Clean Up Day. It’s a great opportunity to become immersed in Salterns’ friendly community. Make new friends and help us get your club in ship shape for the season!

This year, the BIG Clean Up is taking place between 1000 and 1200 on Saturday 30th March.

The club is powered by the energy and enthusiasm of its members, and nowhere is this more apparent than on Clean Up day. It’s when we all get together to sweep leaves, clear gutters, and polish woodwork. Oh, and we drink tea and eat cake as well!

All full members are encouraged to come and help if at all possible. If you are coming, then do come in old clothing and bring rakes, brooms, large buckets for shifting leaves and other gardening tools.

The Junior and Management Committees forward to seeing you there!

Please bring rakes and cakes!