Submit your JC application by 18th November!

The current sailing season at Salterns Sailing Club is drawing to a close and we are now planning for the 2019 season.

Any full members of Salterns who would like to be considered for the Junior Committee should email an application form to our Junior Liaison Officer, Mick Edwards, on or our President, Phil Lightbody, on by Sunday 18th November 2018. You can download the application form here: Salterns-JC-application-2019).

Salterns Junior Committee

Junior Committee (JC) members are normally aged 12 to 15 on 31 August 2018 (school year 8 to 11).

Salterns Sailing Club is unique in being a sailing club for children, run by children. Volunteering to take responsibility for running the Club is a big commitment but an important one. Children learn best when copying other sailors so these committee members are the best people to help young skippers to learn and enjoy sailing.

Being a member of the JC can give you great experience of being part of a team, taking on some responsibility and setting a good example to the younger members.

The JC is led by the Commodore, with the support of the Vice Commodore(s) and Rear Commodore(s) of Sailing, all of whom have been on the JC for several years and will make your time on the JC really fun!

Junior Committee members will be announced at our Annual General Meeting on Sunday 2 December (which follows the Model Boat Race!)

So, if you’re in years 8-11 at school and would like to be part of the Salterns Junior Committee, send us your application by Sunday 18 November!

If you have any queries about being on the Junior Committee, please contact Mick or Phil on the emails above.

Pudsey needs you!

Calling all Members and Associate Members!

It’s the 20th year that Salterns Sailing Club is fundraising for Children in Need. The Junior Committee have been busy gathering Raffle Prizes and Lots for a Silent Auction.

Do you own / work for a business that can donate a Raffle Prize or Silent Auction Lot?  Do you know someone who could help?

In the past we’ve had incredible holiday opportunities, amazing adventure days, fantastic experience days, great high value products, superb services, marvelous meals…. whether it’s a bottle of wine or a week’s accommodation in the Med, please help!

It is all for such a good cause – helping Children in Need.

Please contact and if you can help.

Click here for more information about the 24 hour Sail-a-thon in aid of Children in Need. All Full Members and Associate Members welcome to join in the fundraising in this 20th year!


Children in Need 24 hour Sail-a-thon

This will be the 20th year of CiN fundraising by the children of Salterns Sailing Club. Every year Salterns sailors have carried out a 24 hour sail-a-thon, sailing around the clock to help raise funds for children less fortunate than them.

This year the Children in Need sail-a-thon will take place on 16th-17th November and we hope that all members will support the event.

All members take part in the Sail-a-thon!

The event will start at 4.30pm on Friday 16th November. Ideally we would like some children down at Salterns from 4.15pm and out sailing on the pond as soon as possible thereafter as we have a BBC crew coming to film Commodore Alex for BBC South Today and Radio Solent.

Red pennants will be able to sail until 10pm on the Friday, however it will be down to our most able sailors, our blue and green pennants, to help get us through the night. Blue and green pennants may sail the overnight slots, from 10pm to 6am, and will be allowed to sleep overnight at the club if they’re over the age of 11 years.

If you do wish to sail you will need a parent or guardian at the club for the whole time. Also if you are staying overnight you will a parent sleeping there too. Sailors wishing to sail overnight should email to be added to the rota.

All members can sail in the day time slots from 9am Saturday until the end of the sail-a-thon at 4.30pm.

All members taking part in the Sail-a-thon should to complete and bring with them a Registration Form Registration form and Parental Disclaimer Form: CiN-Disclaimer.

Summary of Sail-a-thon timings

4.15pm – 4.30pm (sunset) – All members welcome to sail

4.30pm – 10.00pm – Red Pennant and above

10.00pm – 6.00am – Blue/Green Pennant and Junior Committee

6.00am – 9.00am – Bronze Fleet, Moth and Tera Racers

9.00am – 11.00am – All Members and Associate Members

11.00am – 4.30pm – All Members

Get sponsorship for Children in Need

All members taking part in the Sail-a-thon should download a Children in Need Sponsor Form and see how much you can raise!

Any family raising over £50 in sponsorship will be entered into a draw for a prize organised by the Management Committee, announced at the AGM on 2 December 2018.

Find the sponsor form here: CiN sponsor form

People can also help Salterns raise funds by texting XXFM64 £5 to 70070

We will post more details soon, including details of the raffle and silent auction. The Junior Committee are still looking for Silent Auction lots and raffle prizes – if you can help, please contact Commodore Alex on

June Moppy Camp Instructions

Calling all June Moppy Campers!

Please find here Joining Instructions for the June Moppy Camp: Joining Instructions – June 2018

Important points to note:

  • All participants should come changed ready in NAMED kit, including long wetsuit or a dry suit (required); Buoyancy aid (required); dinghy boots or similar (not crocs or flip flops); waterproof trousers (optional but good idea if cold); windproof or spray top (required); hat (to keep the sun off if hot, or to keep warm if cold); gloves; sun protection cream (parents to apply beforehand)
  • Remember to bring a change of warm clothing; towel; packed lunch & drink in a named bag.
  • Drinks and cakes are provided at morning and afternoon breaks.  PLEASE DONATE A CAKE (nut free), traybake, biscuits or fruit that can be easily cut up.  We have children with SEVERE NUT ALLERGIES so please NO NUTS.
  • Parking will be either in a field off Viney Road or on the lanes or at Woodside Gardens (weather dependent). Parking Marshalls will direct you. Please park with consideration. DO NOT PARK IN MAIDEN LANE. Parking at Salterns itself is reserved for pennant leaders and committee members so please do not park there.  If you need to bring an oppie, please do this on FRIDAY (and store it on the grass by kennels 25 to 28).

Please remember to PRINT these forms and bring them with you to Moppy Camp:

Also remember to bring:
  • CASH for the Saturday evening BBQ
  • Child’s medical inhalers/epi pens etc – NAMED
  • Cakes – with NO NUTS.
We still need helpers for Friday evening to help transport boats from RLymYC to Salterns – can you help?

5 reasons to Moppy in September!

June may well be oversubscribed, but is it such a bad thing to do Moppy Camp in September?

Here are 5 good reasons why the September Moppy Camp will be great!

  1. The water will be warmer in September – on average 4 degrees warmer than June. This is a very important consideration for parents in waders as well as children capsizing!
  2. Your child will have more time to prepare for their pennant.
  3. It’s likely your child will have more confidence in September having sailed lots over the summer months.
  4. September is perfect timing for your child to consolidate what they have learnt if they have sailed in RLymYC Junior Regatta in August, Bronze Fleet or Tera Training at Salterns.
  5. And of course the September Moppy Camp doesn’t interfere with the Footie World Cup!

Remember, Moppy Camp isn’t a race. And every year the club has children of different ages hoping to do the pennants. Moppy Camp should not be seen as a ‘training’ weekend, more as a consolidation of the sailing your child has done thus far.

Duty Family responsibilities

Once you’ve been a Full Member of Salterns for a year, you’ll be asked to sign up for “Family Duties.” This can be a bit daunting, especially if you have your own little people to look after. Worry not – you’ll not be ‘on duty’ alone, you’ll be part of a team of other Duty Families, Duty Committee Member and at least one member of the Junior Committee. Here is a quick checklist of what being a “Duty Family” entails…

Duty Family Responsibilities

Arrival Time before 1.45pm

Please bring with you:

  • A cake or cupcakes or biscuits
  • Your lifejacket / buoyancy aid/ waders (if you have your own – otherwise there are lots in the changing rooms – if you’re lucky you might find a pair without a hole!)

When you arrive, sign in with the Duty Committee Member. There will be several families on duty and between you:

  • Unlock the loos (put keys back on hooks in clubhouse)
  • Turn on the water heater for hot tap water (behind urn), fill urn and switch to high to boil
  • The Duty Committee Member will get out the money tin (for drinks/cakes payments), help to arrange the cakes and biscuits on plates
  • Open double doors on to pontoon and put out hoses and tap keys
  • Help get out the rowing boats – one needs to stay on pontoon as a safety boat

Ways you can help during the Informal Afternoon Sailing Session:

  • Welcome any new members and visitors. Visitors should complete the Guest Book (usually located on the desk between the changing rooms) and pay £5 for any visiting child (non-members) who wants to sail. Please note temporary visitors can only visit 3 times per year and family members should bring no more than one guest family at a time.
  • Serve tea, coffee, hot chocolate, squash and cakes/biscuits in the kitchen, taking appropriate payment (usually up on the board next to the kitchen)
  • Keep a watchful eye on sailing activities, although parents should be watching their own children and ensuring complete safety of their own children on and off the water. Check that all children on or near the water are wearing buoyancy aids, plus adults on or in the water. Remind that there should be no swimming and it’s recommended small rowing boats (peanuts) stay in area over to the left of the clubhouse. One large rowing boat ready as safety boat at all times.

Tidy up after 4pm:

  • Encourage members to help put the boats they have been using away after washing them down. Use sponges and bailers stored under bench to get all water out.
  • Check all the boats are locked up
  • Turn off the immersion heater and urn, unplug urn
  • Wash, dry and put away all crockery and clean kitchen
  • Return tuck and money tin to Duty Committee Member to be locked away
  • Clean loos and mop loo floors with suitable floor cleaner, turn off lights, empty toilet bins
  • Mop the clubhouse floors with the floor cleaner, rise out mops in hot water
  • Remove any perishable items from fridge
  • Check changing room for lost property
  • Put away hoses and tap keys, make sure all keys are back on hooks
  • Record any problems with the boats in the Bosun’s Damage Book in the Clubhouse
  • Turn off clubhouse lights
  • Lock up clubhouse, gear stores and toilets
  • Take away all black rubbish bags (Council doesn’t collect)
  • Departure time: 4.30pm or when all of the above has been completed!

June or September Moppy Camp?

This year there are two Moppy Camp weekends available – either 23/24 June or 15/16 September. There are, of course, a finite number of places available for each weekend and therefore you may not get your first choice.

Which Moppy Camp to choose???

Moppy Camp should not be seen as a ‘training’ weekend, more as a consolidation of the sailing your child has done thus far. In September, having sailed throughout the spring and summer, its likely that your child will feel more confident and fair better during moppy camp.

The average temperature is the same for both June and September. But in September the water will be warmer – on average 4 degrees warmer than June. This is a very important consideration for parents in waders as well as children capsizing!

If you are hoping for training for your child(ren) and they are aged 5-9 years, consider registering them for Mini Moppy Camps – there are still a few places over the summer months.

What happens if Moppy Camp is oversubscribed???

The Management Committee will look closely at who has registered, children’s ages, parents volunteering etc and will allot places for each Moppy Camp. They will try their hardest to accommodate everyone’s wishes, however there is a limit on numbers for each pennant and for each weekend, therefore not everyone will get their first choice.

Remember that the Management Committee are all volunteers, working on this in what little spare time they have.

June is already oversubscribed and not everyone who has applied will be offered June. If, reading this post, you would rather like to change your choice to the September weekend, please contact Phil Lightbody asap.

How can I guarantee Moppy Camp of choice???

The only way to guarantee your Moppy Camp choice is to bid on the VIP Moppy Camp package at the next 24 hour Children in Need fundraiser…

New season starts the Easter weekend!

A very keen Junior Committee and Management Committee have been busy behind the scenes, working hard to get everything in place for the new sailing season at Salterns!

Tidy up day is Saturday 24 March – come along and help if you can (the rugby will be on, with suitable refreshments!)

Salterns Sailing Club will open on Good Friday, 30 March, so that the children can enjoy sailing over the Easter weekend. There will be Afternoon Sailing on Saturday and Sunday 2-4pm, with induction sessions for new members on Saturday 31 March.

On Easter Sunday, members of the JC will be organising an Easter Egg Hunt, with lots of fun and games – be sure to check our Facebook Group for more information nearer the time.

New members – Induction Sessions

Just a quick reminder that the new member induction sessions will be held on 31 March and 15 April 2018.

These sessions are for all new members to come to the club for a couple of hours before the season starts to learn about the club and how it works. It is also a chance to meet the members of the committees and ask any questions.  All activities will be shore based – no sailing will take place. However, some of the activities take place outside so please come appropriately dressed. Both children and adults invited.

Please walk or cycle if you can to cut down on parking congestion. If you do drive, remember there is only limited parking and ensure emergency vehicles can get access to houses further along the lane if required. Thank you.