Duty Family responsibilities

Once you’ve been a Full Member of Salterns for a year, you’ll be asked to sign up for “Family Duties.” This can be a bit daunting, especially if you have your own little people to look after. Worry not – you’ll not be ‘on duty’ alone, you’ll be part of a team of other Duty Families, Duty Committee Member and at least one member of the Junior Committee. Here is a quick checklist of what being a “Duty Family” entails…

Duty Family Responsibilities

Arrival Time before 1.45pm

Please bring with you:

  • A cake or cupcakes or biscuits
  • Your lifejacket / buoyancy aid/ waders (if you have your own – otherwise there are lots in the changing rooms – if you’re lucky you might find a pair without a hole!)

When you arrive, sign in with the Duty Committee Member. There will be several families on duty and between you:

  • Unlock the loos (put keys back on hooks in clubhouse)
  • Turn on the water heater for hot tap water (behind urn), fill urn and switch to high to boil
  • The Duty Committee Member will get out the money tin (for drinks/cakes payments), help to arrange the cakes and biscuits on plates
  • Open double doors on to pontoon and put out hoses and tap keys
  • Help get out the rowing boats – one needs to stay on pontoon as a safety boat

Ways you can help during the Informal Afternoon Sailing Session:

  • Welcome any new members and visitors. Visitors should complete the Guest Book (usually located on the desk between the changing rooms) and pay £5 for any visiting child (non-members) who wants to sail. Please note temporary visitors can only visit 3 times per year and family members should bring no more than one guest family at a time.
  • Serve tea, coffee, hot chocolate, squash and cakes/biscuits in the kitchen, taking appropriate payment (usually up on the board next to the kitchen)
  • Keep a watchful eye on sailing activities, although parents should be watching their own children and ensuring complete safety of their own children on and off the water. Check that all children on or near the water are wearing buoyancy aids, plus adults on or in the water. Remind that there should be no swimming and it’s recommended small rowing boats (peanuts) stay in area over to the left of the clubhouse. One large rowing boat ready as safety boat at all times.

Tidy up after 4pm:

  • Encourage members to help put the boats they have been using away after washing them down. Use sponges and bailers stored under bench to get all water out.
  • Check all the boats are locked up
  • Turn off the immersion heater and urn, unplug urn
  • Wash, dry and put away all crockery and clean kitchen
  • Return tuck and money tin to Duty Committee Member to be locked away
  • Clean loos and mop loo floors with suitable floor cleaner, turn off lights, empty toilet bins
  • Mop the clubhouse floors with the floor cleaner, rise out mops in hot water
  • Remove any perishable items from fridge
  • Check changing room for lost property
  • Put away hoses and tap keys, make sure all keys are back on hooks
  • Record any problems with the boats in the Bosun’s Damage Book in the Clubhouse
  • Turn off clubhouse lights
  • Lock up clubhouse, gear stores and toilets
  • Take away all black rubbish bags (Council doesn’t collect)
  • Departure time: 4.30pm or when all of the above has been completed!

Moppy Camp dates announced!

Moppy Camp dates have now been announced for 2018:

  • 23 and 24 June 2018
  • 15 and 16 September 2018

Instructions on how to book a place will be sent out later this month. As usual, priority will be given to renewing members. Moppy Camp is best for those in year 2 (i.e. aged 7) and above. If there is space, new members will be offered a place in age order.

Find out more about Moppy Camp here.

New season starts the Easter weekend!

A very keen Junior Committee and Management Committee have been busy behind the scenes, working hard to get everything in place for the new sailing season at Salterns!

Tidy up day is Saturday 24 March – come along and help if you can (the rugby will be on, with suitable refreshments!)

Salterns Sailing Club will open on Good Friday, 30 March, so that the children can enjoy sailing over the Easter weekend. There will be Afternoon Sailing on Saturday and Sunday 2-4pm, with induction sessions for new members on Saturday 31 March.

On Easter Sunday, members of the JC will be organising an Easter Egg Hunt, with lots of fun and games – be sure to check our Facebook Group for more information nearer the time.

New members – Induction Sessions

Just a quick reminder that the new member induction sessions will be held on 31 March and 15 April 2018.

These sessions are for all new members to come to the club for a couple of hours before the season starts to learn about the club and how it works. It is also a chance to meet the members of the committees and ask any questions.  All activities will be shore based – no sailing will take place. However, some of the activities take place outside so please come appropriately dressed. Both children and adults invited.

Please walk or cycle if you can to cut down on parking congestion. If you do drive, remember there is only limited parking and ensure emergency vehicles can get access to houses further along the lane if required. Thank you.

Tidy Up Day: 24 March

Please come and help prepare the club for the new season on Saturday 24 March.  Main jobs include clearing leaves, cleaning the windows and organising the boats, spars and foils.  Old clothes and wellies recommended.  Please bring rakes, trugs or barrows for carrying leaves.  Jobs for adults and children alike.

Welcome to 2018!

We’re all really looking forward to the 2018 season, and really can’t wait for it to begin. We’re working on the calendar for 2018, and hope to have it ready soon. In the meantime, here’s some great videos made by members that give a flavour of what we’ve been up to over the last couple of years.




Nearly time for the club to open for the new season!

A very keen MC & JC have been busy behinds the scenes and below is a mini calendar of key dates coming soon;

 11/12 March – Weed clearing (to be confirmed)
18/19 March – Cleanup weekend
26 March – Open date
29/30 April – Moppy Camp1 (details of how to apply/help will follow at the end of March)
27/28 May – Moppy Camp2 (details of how to apply/help will follow at the end of March)

 Please remember to check for updates and info on our facebook page, Salterns Sailing Club.


MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL 2017 – Deadline 12 February

All existing members were sent an email on 24th December from WebCollect to renew their membership for 2017.

If you did not receive this email, please check your email spam filter as sometimes, bulk emails end up here.  The deadline for the early bird renewal fee of £140 is 15th January 2017.

The process has been made much simpler on Webcollect so it is just a few minutes but please remember to complete all the details about all your children over 4 years who you wish to participate.  After 15 January the renewal fee will revert to the standard annual rate of £170.   All renewals must be received by 12 February.  If you have not renewed by this date then your place may be offered to another family on the extensive waiting list.

Any queries please contact the membership secretary, Paul McStay on salternsmembership@gmail.com.

AGM 4th December 2016

Annual Prize Giving and Annual General Meeting of the Salterns Sailing Club

Notice is hereby given that the Annual Prize Giving followed by the Annual General Meeting of Salterns Sailing Club will be held on Sunday 4th December 2016 at approximately 15:00 within the club house at the Salterns Sailing Club. This follows the annual model boat race, details of which are on the website.

The Annual `Prize Giving which will follow directly on from the Model Boat Race at 1400 hrs includes awarding the prizes from the main events throughout the year including Oppie Open, Moth & Tera Race Series and from Children In Need.

The purpose of the AGM is to receive and to approve Reports from Committee Members including those from the Commodore, President and Treasurer and to elect new members of the Junior and Management committees.

The AGM is also an opportunity to consider any other business that the committee may decide to bring forward or which Members may have put forward to the committee in writing prior to the date of the Meeting. Any Member wishing to put forward a proposal to be discussed at the AGM must therefore submit his/her ideas to the Secretary no later than 30th November, to allow time for inclusion (if the Committee sees fit) in the Notice of Meeting for the AGM which will be published no later than 20th November.

At the conclusion, if time permits, an informal discussion in which Members may raise any topic they wish.

Phil Lightbody
Acting Chairman/President, Salterns Sailing Club

List of Elections: agm-elections-2016_17

Renewals for 2016

Renewal emails have been sent out to existing members.  All renewals need to be received by 22 January (and by 8th January for early bird discount).  If you have not received your renewal email please contact the membership secretary, Chris Cloke-Browne on salternsmembership@gmail.com.

New members will be invited to join in February once it is know how many members have renewed.