June or September Moppy Camp?

This year there are two Moppy Camp weekends available – either 23/24 June or 15/16 September. There are, of course, a finite number of places available for each weekend and therefore you may not get your first choice.

Which Moppy Camp to choose???

Moppy Camp should not be seen as a ‘training’ weekend, more as a consolidation of the sailing your child has done thus far. In September, having sailed throughout the spring and summer, its likely that your child will feel more confident and fair better during moppy camp.

The average temperature is the same for both June and September. But in September the water will be warmer – on average 4 degrees warmer than June. This is a very important consideration for parents in waders as well as children capsizing!

If you are hoping for training for your child(ren) and they are aged 5-9 years, consider registering them for Mini Moppy Camps – there are still a few places over the summer months.

What happens if Moppy Camp is oversubscribed???

The Management Committee will look closely at who has registered, children’s ages, parents volunteering etc and will allot places for each Moppy Camp. They will try their hardest to accommodate everyone’s wishes, however there is a limit on numbers for each pennant and for each weekend, therefore not everyone will get their first choice.

Remember that the Management Committee are all volunteers, working on this in what little spare time they have.

June is already oversubscribed and not everyone who has applied will be offered June. If, reading this post, you would rather like to change your choice to the September weekend, please contact Phil Lightbody asap.

How can I guarantee Moppy Camp of choice???

The only way to guarantee your Moppy Camp choice is to bid on the VIP Moppy Camp package at the next 24 hour Children in Need fundraiser…