Time Trials

Each Year, parents and juniors can enter the Time Trials Competition. All entry fees go to Children In Need and great prizes on offer for the best times each year

The aim is to see how fast you can row or sail around the two main islands.  The start line is between the jetty and the island and you can race in either direction.  The timing must be recorded by an OOD or committee member at any time during the year until 20 November 2018 and the judges decisions are final.  File to record results is in the desk drawer.

Good luck!

Current Best times are:

Rowing Junior Alone   William Briggs 2014  2m 56s
Rowing Two Juniors Together (one oar each)     Ollie Tait/Seb Ayris 2014 3m 0S
Rowing Adult Alone   Rory Paton 2015 2m 41s
Rowing Starfish   Allie Bassett 2015 4m 53 s
Rowing Adult with Junior(S)   Richard Breese with Emma Breese 2015 2m58s

Scow    Rory Paton with Alex Paton 2015  3m 24 s
Moth  Jointly Amy Tunney with Alex Paton & Anna Tunney with Emily Pepin 2015 3m 58s
Tera  Charlotte Bassett 2014 4m 22s
GRP Optimist  Emma Breese 2015 4m 53 s
Club Optimist  Alice Wood 2014  6m 05s