Junior Committee

Who are the Junior Committee in 2019?

The Junior Committee (JC) members are Full Members normally aged 12 (year 8) and over who have volunteered to take responsibility for running the Club.  This is a big commitment but an important one. Children learn best when copying other sailors so these committee members are the best people to help young skippers to learn and enjoy sailing.

Each club session has a Junior Committee member on duty who will help budding sailors with any questions, take them for rides in Scows, show them how to rig the boats or help them learn to sail other boats.

Most of the Junior Committee members learned to sail at Salterns themselves and have been members since they were 6 or 7 or even came here as babies with their older siblings so know just what a child will need to help them progress.  Many of the Junior Committee take their sailing outside Salterns and participate in local and national events.  Between them they have enormous talent and a wealth of information. Please do ask!

Commodore: Freya Baddeley
Vice Commodores: Violet Edwards and Jack Mans
Rear Commodores Sailing: Ollie Baddeley and Sammy Griffiths

Junior Committee Members:  Albert Barber, Madelaine Curry, Marcus Edwards, Ella Lightbody, Emily McStay, Lola Mourdant, Olivia Russell, Harry Stembridge, Jack Stewart, Anna Tunney, Tom Wharmby.

Anyone wishing to join the JC should speak to one of the Junior Committee first to find out what it is about and then contact the Junior Liaison Officer to ask for a form to fill in. This needs to be returned by end of October each year.  There is a limit to the number who can be on the JC and the minimum age is normally 12 (year 8).