5 reasons to Moppy in September!

June may well be oversubscribed, but is it such a bad thing to do Moppy Camp in September?

Here are 5 good reasons why the September Moppy Camp will be great!

  1. The water will be warmer in September – on average 4 degrees warmer than June. This is a very important consideration for parents in waders as well as children capsizing!
  2. Your child will have more time to prepare for their pennant.
  3. It’s likely your child will have more confidence in September having sailed lots over the summer months.
  4. September is perfect timing for your child to consolidate what they have learnt if they have sailed in RLymYC Junior Regatta in August, Bronze Fleet or Tera Training at Salterns.
  5. And of course the September Moppy Camp doesn’t interfere with the Footie World Cup!

Remember, Moppy Camp isn’t a race. And every year the club has children of different ages hoping to do the pennants. Moppy Camp should not be seen as a ‘training’ weekend, more as a consolidation of the sailing your child has done thus far.